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GDD Interview With Benke33

Wed Jul 1, 2015, 4:30 AM
Welcome to a new series of interviews that GetDailyDeviations administrators will be publishing on a regular basis. We hope these interviews will help you discover new artists, learn about new art mediums, find answers to some of your questions, and become more engaged within the community! If you'd like to suggest an artist to be interviewed or if you have questions about specific art mediums you'd like us to include in interviews, please send us a note, thank you! We hope you enjoy! La la la la


"My name is Brent Schreiber. I am a traditional artist and illustrator located in Elmira, Ontario Canada. My personal work focuses on narrative realist portrait and figurative paintings. Professionally, I focus on commercial illustration and private commissions. My illustration work includes promotional material, book covers, interiors and advertising in the science fiction, fantasy, pin-up and romance genres. My work is held in both private and public collections in the United States, Australia, Europe and Canada. "

When did you first discover your passion for art?

I don’t know if I ever discovered it, I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t one of the focal points of my life. I was always the kid who was the best artist until the end of my college years – it was the only thing I ever seemed to be really good at or was comfortable with. Since my early thirties it’s taken a very key role in my life both personally and professionally.

Smaug Painted Portrait by benke33

How did you develop your wonderful personal style? 

Most of it comes from being obsessed with continually fixing my mistakes and trying to improve. I worked as an art / creative director in the advertising field so graphic design plays a huge part in how I compose an image. Style and subject matter wise my biggest influences are Jeremy Geddes, Robert Bateman, Alex Colville, Vemeer and dozens of the amazing realist figurative artists and Illustrators that are working today.

Gollum Painted Portrait by benke33

What is your favorite piece from your gallery and why?

It’s hard to say what my favorite piece is. I love the process of painting but as soon as I’m finished all I see are the mistakes. My most successful piece as far as publicity and business was a small spiritual themed portrait named LISTEN. Right now my favorites are a Smaug painting study I did and a Sleeping Beauty inspired portrait that my partner modeled for. Both hold an emotional attachment and were large steps forward in the quality of my work.

LISTEN by benke33

What is your biggest source of inspiration when creating your art?

My biggest inspiration right now is my personal experiences and figuring out a way to translate them to a canvas. Professionally it’s paying the bills and doing the best work I can for clients and building relationships with them.

Cyborg Woman by benke33

What projects are you working on currently that the community should know about? What do you have planned for the future?

I’m currently starting a new portrait and figurative series based on some spiritual concepts and experiences that are the foundation of my life. Style wise it’s going to be Vemeer inspired. Professionally I’m focusing on building a large customer base in the science fiction and fantasy genres and producing successful pieces for my clients.

Rocket Racoon Portrait Painting by benke33

What first attracted you to Deviant Art? 

I think the biggest attraction to Deviant Art for a new artist is that it is a cost effective way to start showing and talking about your work. It’s a very intimidating when you first make work public and its wonderful community to begin that process. I have been on DA for about 6 years and have only had a couple of negative experiences against thousands of positive ones.

Darth Maul by benke33

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself that we, the community, don't know about you. 

I think I’m the only person in existence under 40 who has never owned a cell or smart phone haha ☺. 

Catwoman Portrait Sketch by benke33

Besides art, what else are you passionate about in life?

The priorities in my life in order are my sobriety, my relationship with god, my family and then my art. I’m a recovered alcoholic of 8 years and that has to come first or I lose everything else. As far as other hobbies there really aren’t any. To do this professionally you have to be obsessed with it. When I’m not working my time is spent with my partner and trying to help other people.

Dwarf Lord by benke33

Who is your all time favorite character to draw and why?

I don’t know if I have a favorite character. I get a bit obsessive when it comes to movies or series; I kind of get burned out and then move onto the next one. I’ve had Mad Max on the brain since seeing Fury Road; it brought back a lot of good childhood memories.

Imperator Furiosa Portrait Sketch by benke33

Have any of your works ever been published?

I’ve been published pretty heavily over the last few years ranging from local publications to national Canadian magazines. The majority of my illustration work is from small or independent publishers and I’m hoping to broaden that aspect of my business. Getting a piece into Spectrum in one of my goals for the next couple of years.

Batman Portrait Sketch by benke33

Was your family supportive of your decision to pursue art as a career? 

My family was very supportive – they thought I was a bit crazy – but supportive. I started my art career at 35 after 15 years in the advertising field. It was a pretty scary jump and very tough at times but my family has been great the whole way.

Frozen Christmas Jam by benke33

What do you find is the most challenging aspect of the art buisiness?

The most challenging part of the art business is keeping a level head through the ups and downs and remembering it is a business. Early on is the most difficult period when you don’t have any clients and you’re not sure if the bills are going to get paid. You really have to be dedicated and be willing to struggle. For most of us the first few years are pretty ugly but you get through it. I’ve been at this for almost five years and it’s just in the last 2 years that my work flow is fairly stable, the finances are good and I’m seeing the return on the rough times…
and it’s all worth it.

Deadman / Blue Devil Sketch by benke33

What are your tools of the trade?

I’m pretty much strictly a traditional artist. I work mostly in graphite and acrylic. I use Photoshop for concept and compositional layouts but beyond that give me a brush and a pencil.

Headless Horseman by benke33

How did you feel when you received your first Daily Deviation?

The first DD was really cool. It’s pretty neat when you see your views spike about 1000%. It’s very flattering and appreciated to have work chosen for that forum. The best part is hearing from other users and that work that may not have been seen that widely gets a greater exposure… and it’s a pretty geek out moment when you see your stuff on the front page. ☺

The Postman by benke33

Don't forget to check out more of benke33's works! 
His gallery is not one to miss!

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